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5 Key benefits of using Conveyable

The 5 key features and benefits of Conveyable are:

  1. Seller’s and Buyer’s solicitors are from the same conveyancing firm, with a due diligence team conducting the property searches and providing the same search report to both parties;

  2. Client portal through which reports, updates and records of relevant correspondence are maintained;

  3. Prompt client reporting and updates;

  4. No time lag between processing of steps as between Seller’s solicitor and Buyer’s solicitor (whether from postal delivery time or other delays in transmission);

  5. Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA)-regulated, ie. a full-fledged conveyancing law firm

Conveyable compared with traditional conveyancing

This is how Conveyable measures up against the traditional conveyancing firm model in key areas:

Key Areas Using a traditional conveyancing firm Using Conveyable
Parties involved Seller, Buyer, Seller’s Conveyancer, Buyer’s Conveyancer Same as traditional, but the conveyancers sit under the same firm (with appropriate segregation to ensure client confidentiality and interests are well protected)
Pricing Pricing often is dependent on the value of the property and differs from firm to firm. Conveyable offers fixed and transparent pricing that is agnostic to property value. Our various service package options are outlined in the services page.
Expertise Varies from firm to firm; could be either licensed conveyancers (not solicitors) or conveyancing solicitors. Conveyable’s conveyancers (whom will direct and manage the transaction for the respective client) are fully qualified and experienced conveyancing solicitors.
Communication modes Letters, email, electronic copies of letters sent by email, phone calls We will use electronic delivery whenever permitted and there will be due records kept of all written correspondence, easily accessible (to the relevant client only) via the Conveyable client portal.
Speed of processing Can be protracted depending on, amongst other things, how prompt conveyancers on both sides are and communication transmission time. Less communication time lags given that conveyancers are within the same firm and correspondence would generally be electronically delivered.
Cost of processing Postal charges whenever documents are to be mailed or couriered from one conveyancing firm to the other. Sosts from the emphasis on electronic delivery.
Client reporting / updates Dependent on how communicative and attentive the individual conveyancer is. Automated, ‘fed-through’ updates periodically sent through to the client via its selected preferred notification mode (eg. SMS or email) that can be accessed in full detail via Conveyable’s client portal and/or will be emailed through to the client as well.
Client’s interests Each conveyancer is obliged to look after his/her client’s interests in the transaction. No difference to traditional, there will be adequate segregation and safeguarding measures in place (to be approved by the SRA) to ensure that there are no confidentiality or conflict of interests issues

Experience Conveyable

Conveyable is quicker than the standard processing through traditional conveyancing practices, more cost efficient for both buyer and seller and we provide regular updates on the status of your residential purchase or sale on our client portal.

Our experienced and friendly Conveyable team will be with you every step of the way, providing support and guidance as needed.


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