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The Conveyable team will assist you from the start of the sale and purchase process through to completion.

While our services will be tailored to meet the precise needs of each transaction, in general terms, the stages of a residential conveyancing transaction that our solicitors will manage for you are:

For a Seller For a Buyer
Take instructions (to confirm what your circumstances are, what you would like/need and advise on fundamental transactional matters). Take instructions (to confirm what your circumstances are, what you would like/need and advise on fundamental transactional matters).
  • Remind you to obtain an EPC before sale,
  • Deduce (ie. prepare and issue copies of) the title to the property,
  • repare and issue draft contract (option - with a draft purchase deed, too).
    Investigate title to the property and rest of draft contract pack and make all other necessary searches and/or enquiries.
    Respond to any enquiries sent over by the Buyer’s solicitor. Check and approve the draft contract.
    Exchange contracts (legally binding agreement signed and deposit paid).
    • Exchange contracts (legally binding agreement signed and deposit paid),
    • Arrange for insurance where necessary and/or instructed,
    • Prepare purchase deed.
      Approve purchase deed. Make all necessary pre-completion searches (final Land Registry or Land Charges priority searches).
      Prepare for completion (including checking that the transfer deed has been signed in advance, preparing the Completion Statement). Prepare for completion (including preparing the Completion Statement).
      Completion (final payment and exchange of transfer deed). Completion (final payment and exchange of transfer deed).
      Post-completion procedures (eg. accounting to the client for sale proceeds). Post-completion procedures (eg. paying SDLT and arranging for title registration).

      Conveyable is the best choice for sellers and buyers

      Conveyable simplifies the process of conveyancing by providing a platform across which the buyer, seller and the conveyancing solicitors of both interact with transparency and prompt client-reporting and updates. This will strip away inefficiencies arising from the typically long-drawn process of buying and selling a home where both the seller and buyer are wondering what’s holding up the transaction and where the legal process has gotten to.

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      How Conveyable

      Once a seller determines that he/she would like to proceed through Conveyable to sell his/her property, the buyer would need to engage with the Conveyable platform as well in order to proceed with and complete the property purchase.

      Conveyable will connect the seller and buyer respectively with its team of solicitors and provide a client-specific user account for the client portal (part of the Conveyable platform) accessible through its website. The seller and buyer will be able to log in to the client portal in order to fill out forms and documents or provide other information and to connect with their solicitors.

      The Conveyable platform will also provide automated transaction updates and push notification for ‘action required’ items the client must complete for the transaction to progress. The seller’s solicitor and the buyer’s solicitor will oversee the process for their respective clients and will have only limited and appropriate access to the Conveyable platform’s uploaded documents and their respective client’s information.

      The due diligence team sits behind Chinese walls from both the buyer’s and seller’s conveyancing teams and will organise and collate a standard search report and prepare and send to the relevant party’s solicitor, such other publicly available information that is additionally requested or commissioned by the relevant party.

      Costs for due diligence as above (other than for additionally commissioned items) will be shared between the seller and the buyer. As the solicitors and the due diligence team are all situated within the same firm, there will be less duplicity in terms of search costs. Miscellaneous costs such as printing, postage etc., will be limited, with the Conveyable platform permitting only limited and appropriate access to the information and documents stored on the Conveyable platform to the relevant party’s solicitor as these become relevant to each progressive stage of conveyancing.

      service packages

      Conveyable’s standard package options for the sale and purchase of residential property are:


      Legal Document Completion Time Frame*
      2 weeks

      Conveyancing Fee **
      £ 1,200

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      Legal Document Completion Time Frame*
      4 weeks

      Conveyancing Fee **
      £ 2,500

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      Legal Document Completion Time Frame*
      8 weeks

      Conveyancing Fee **
      £ 3,500

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      Legal Document Completion Time Frame*
      12 weeks

      Conveyancing Fee **
      £ 4,500

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      The timeframes above refer to completion of the legal forms required. The provision of satisfactory documents, forms and/or authorisations/confirmations required from other parties, such as mortgage providers and help to buy, are not within our control and may operate to delay legal completion of the sale and purchase of the property even when forms required from Conveyable’s end have been completed.

      The conveyancing fees stated above do not include fees and costs associated with identity checks, property search fees, Stamp Duty Land Tax, land registry fees and any other other disbursements (i.e expenses paid to third parties on your behalf), these will be additionally payable by the relevant party in the transaction.

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